"I cannot say enough good about the role Eric has played in my life. The collaborative effort in improving the quality of my life when saddled with an incurable progressive disease has transcended my expectations. Four years ago, fate pulled together a young man searching for a vocational purpose and an older man with a challenging paper route ahead. Eric possesses a strong work ethic, a gentle character, a strong knowledge of physiology, an abundance of positivity, an inquisitive thirst for a challenge, and a special ability to see that body, mind, and spirit are inseparable partners. Through adaptive trial and error sessions, seasoned with a potpourri of techniques, we have not only slowed the spiral but rolled back the clock. The benefit has been noteworthy personally and amongst respected leaders within the medical community. Our training stretches the body, eases the spirit, and empowers the mind. Thank You Eric!!!"

Bill S.

"Working with Eric has been a joy. I use him for both personal training and as a life coach. He provides such a calming balance in everything he does. I’m finally feeling like I’m in a comfortable place with my health, mentally and physically. My headspace is clearer now, with less overanalyzing and overthinking. As I shift my perception, the things around me change too. Bottom line, I would highly recommend working with him."

Anonymous, CPA, CFE

"This is a follow up from someone who was introduced to Eric due to my husband’s Parkinson’s Diagnosis. Now this is a testimony of my experience working with Eric for almost two years. Prior to working with Eric I did workout in the gym, several times a week but I felt scattered with the workouts, not knowing the weights or the repetitions needed. That is where / when I reached out to Eric. There are many things I appreciate about Eric but one particular part of my work with Eric is his holistic approach, showing how the mind and body are connected emotionally and spiritually. I have had sessions which were to be a training session but, sensing something was “off”, Eric talked with me about my “inner” thoughts and how they might be affecting me physically. Eric allows me to discover my feelings instead of pointing them out to me. He allows me to learn how to read my own body and mind and then I can use those “lessons” on a daily basis. I know longer state I “need” to do something, feeling bad about myself if I do not complete the task. His words are, “do you need, or do you want” to do the task. He is always pushing me to learn more about me, allowing me to lessen the amount of stress I tend to put on myself. During these very difficult times, when someone else is instructing me to act in a certain way, Eric has taught me how to take back the control, allowing my inner self to speak to me throughout the day. He reminds me that it’s okay to be me and helps me understand who real “me” is. All of this along with my physical workouts, I am getting stronger in so many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Eric is more than a physical trainer, he is someone who invests in who I am and who I am meant to be. One very important point to make is the fact that Eric respects my belief in God and will sometimes incorporates that into my inward training. Eric is very a very unique and caring person."

Darlene H., LSW

Oncology Social Worker

"Eric is a quintessential life coach. His approach is holistic and therapeutic, and made me feel like I really learned something about my psyche, and what may be holding me back from success. The session was the perfect combination of psychology, and spiritual guidance. (Meditation included) Eric is professional, intelligent, and evidently competent. I would recommend his service to anyone looking to gain awareness, and form an action plan for achieving their goals."

Chris Simmons

Music Teacher / Entrepreneur

"Eric has trained me the last few years and has allowed me to increase my functional strength as well as lose weight. He utilizes his knowledge of kinesiology as well as strength training to generate the perfect workout. The workouts are often difficult but rewarding and productive. He also has a background in physical therapy which enhances the workouts and minimizes injury. I can say that in the last two years I have trained with him, I have not sustained an injury during training. I highly recommend him. He is a consummate professional."

"I met Eric several years ago. My first impression was that he seemed to be a nice young man. Little did I know the depth of his knowledge , talent and compassion. Eric has a tremendous amount of knowledge and curiosity. He demonstrated a wealth of education regarding body mechanics. The attention to my form and exercise tolerance was impressive. Eric had me work to my full capacity without injury. I later found out that he was working with Parkinson patients who needed physical therapy. He has compassion for others who are in need of therapy to improve their quality of life. As we got to know one another I was made aware of his various interests and talents. He is well read. He writes and performs music. He is eager to perform for charity. Eric is such a kind hearted individual who is as equally modest. My hour long individual workout session would go by extremely fast as we would discuss various topics during the session. Nutrition, body mechanics , music, current events, etc. were just some of the various topics up for discussion. I have not worked with Eric in over a year yet we still maintain contact. He is the type of person that you quickly realize that you want to maintain in your life beyond the client trainer relationship. I am grateful to now call Eric my friend!"

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