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When Eric isn’t coaching 1:1, working with his Parkinson’s class, or in the studio recording his original music, he dedicates his time to creating experiential workshops that harness his methodology for well-being. Eric’s current presentation, From Fear to Freedom: The Art of Authenticity, is a combination of Personal Development and Motivational Entertainment that highlights themes of fear, the present moment, and authentic freedom. Here he infuses storytelling, integrative meditation processes, and original music to express powerful ways of perceiving and being. During this presentation, Eric will share personal experiences and practical tools that ultimately led to enhanced creativity, personal growth, and unequivocal purpose.

As early as Eric can remember, he felt called to do great things. However, the illusion of success answered the phone and led him upstream along a path of exhausting efforts. Some of the symptoms of this misguidance were crippling anxiety, binge eating, obsessive exercising, and soul-draining achievement reaching.

It wasn't until multiple injuries and mental overload forced him to slow down that he accessed the downstream flow to the desired "greatest potential", which was nothing more than his authentic self. He discovered through the teachings of many great gurus of consciousness, the power of the present moment, and by learning who he wasn't, that he was actually already who he longed to be. His obstacles and fears were even the most direct route back home, here and now.

Join Eric as he fluidly interweaves his personal journey with guided meditations, poetry, and original music that expresses lessons and gifts that granted him alignment with personal freedom. The intention of this workshop is to bring awareness to the detriment of ego and the tools to begin integrating oneself back into inherent wholeness.

Through the willingness to understand the elements that create our experience and by practicing integrating all aspects of the self (light and dark), we give ourselves the opportunity to live authentically and freely. This way of living grants us access to our greatest joy, health, and potential for personal, spiritual, and professional expansion. Through the Art of Authenticity, Eric paints a map of how to ease and flow to your greatest potential.

Upcoming Workshops

10/16/22 - The Music of You
The Westin Mount Laurel
555 Fellowship Road
Mount Laurel Township, NJ 08054

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