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Eric Bauberger BS, CSCS, of Ezenflow Holistic Life Coaching, is a Certified Mastery Method Life Coach and Motivational Entertainer. Eric guides self aware individuals to tune their minds and bodies to create ease and flow towards their greatest self. Whether it be with health, relationships, creativity, or finding our life's purpose, there is always a path of least resistance to what we truly want. In other words, we need only learn how to get out of our own way. Eric's process allows his clients to align with their visions by nurturing their unique gifts and integrating that which is blocking them. The Ezenflow method distinguishes itself through it's infusion of functional movement and nutritional guidance with meditative processes for true transformation.


  • Holistic Well-Being Coaching
  • Guided Integrative Meditation
  • Motivational Entertainment
  • Functional Movement Programming
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Breathwork
  • Qi Gong Fundamentals
  • Yoga Fundamentals
  • Unshaken: Parkinson's Specific Therapeutic Training
What to expect

“By practicing the harmonization of opposites, and by releasing resistance in the mind and body, we gradually open the channel to our natural flow and well-being. As we learn how to get out of the way of our inherent rhythm, we ease into our authentic selves, thus accessing greater health and personal freedom.” –Eric Bauberger, BS, CSCS

EZENFLOW founder Eric Bauberger offers Holistic Well-Being Coaching that is tailored to each client and their unique vision. Regardless of the goal, the process always begins with clarification, so let’s start by clarifying the term “holistic”. Philosophically, a holistic approach is “characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.” In other words, it means to maintain an awareness of an individual in their entirety when analyzing or considering any seemingly individual part of them. Well-Being, on the other hand, which can also be termed as “wellness”, “refers to what is intrinsically valuable relative to someone. So the well-being of a person is what is ultimately good for this person, what is in the self-interest of this person.”

That being said, EZENFLOW Coaching begins by guiding individuals to first clarify what they want to create, while ultimately expanding their awareness of the relation of this goal to the individual’s “whole” self. The whole self includes our values, our unique personality, what we love, what we’re good at, what is true to us, what we fear, what inspires us, what makes us feel vulnerable, etc. While considering the many layers of the individual, the definition of “well-being” is infinitesimally unique to them. As a person determines what they want and why they want it, this becomes the “north star” as we create changes and aligned actions in favor of their vision.

By guiding individuals through multiple levels of awareness and aligned strategic tools, Eric provides a framework that produces an environment through which one can attain a number of personal goals, both inner and outer. Ranging from harmonized health to living creatively and free, this coaching methodology offers practical access to experience more ease and flow as we navigate through everyday experience.

Finding the rhythm of our natural flow allows us to move towards what we truly want with greater efficiency and potential. Eric works within this context with everyone from teenagers to the most advanced seniors, even individuals sparring with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. In addition to providing personalized guidance and tools for enhancing physical and creative well-being, Eric also teaches the principles of a truly holistic lifestyle. These principles include daily movement routines, postural significance, breathwork, and nutritional maps in order to optimize all aspects of the human being.

EZENFLOW incorporates principles from Eastern philosophy, particularly the concepts of Zen and Taoism, which emphasize the importance of living in naturalness, spontaneity, and WITH the flow of all life. By integrating all aspects of ourselves, which allows us to create a lifestyle of inner and outer harmony, we begin to take advantage of the available current and thereby live authentically and freely.

EZENFLOW services are available virtually through zoom and in Eric’s home office. For a free introductory consultation, please fill out an application to see if this approach to holistic well-being is the right fit for you.

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